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The Ultimate Guide to the Sahaba

The Prophet (S) said: "The best of my nation is my generation."(Ref: Bukhari)

Would you like your children to take legendary Islamic figures as examples to follow in life? Are you looking to connect your child to their Islamic heritage? 

If so, the Companion Set will not only inspire your child, but it will also connect them with the history and heritage of the best generation of this Ummah.

The Companion Set comprises of three products:

For more information on each of these products, please click their respective product names above. 

The Companion Set provides an immersive experience into the lives of the Sahaba by:

  • Going wide by covering the lives of over 100 male and female Sahaba 

  • Going deep by covering the life and times of Khadijah (RA) in detail

  • Providing an interactive experience through trivia gameplay 

  • Allowing all members of the family to join in with resources for kids as well as adults

This set has been put together by Learning Roots to combine our best resources on the Sahaba to raise your knowledge and connection to the greatest generation to a whole new level, providing you with life-long inspiration in every aspect of living.

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