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Step 1: Choose a Plan


If You're Spending Less Than £200 on
Your First Order
20% Education Discount
Fast, UK or International Delivery


If You're Spending Less Between £200 to £500 on Your First Order
25% Education Discount
Fast, UK or International Delivery


If You're Spending Between £500 to £1000 on
Your First Order
30% Education Discount
Fast, UK or International Delivery

STEP 2: Get Your Questions Answered

What do you mean by 'spend'?
Spend is the total amount of the order after discounts are applied and before any delivery charge is added.
We're a large school, do you have plan suited to us?
Yes. For accumulated spend over £1000, you can avail a 35% discount. This is the maximum Education discount tier we offer.
If I start on one plan, how do I move on to the next one?
We look at your accumulated spend. This means the total amount you have spent with us. So if you started on the Start Plan and placed an order of £200, then on your next order you spent £300, you would then move on the Popular Plan and get a 25% discount.  
How much does delivery cost?
For UK orders, delivery is charged at £7 per 15kg.
For international orders, the shipping charge varies depending on your price order and the country being shipped to. Complete the order form and we'll calculate the best delivery service and rate for you. We use the most economical and reliable service available which in most cases is a reputable Air Courier service such as UPS, TNT or FedEx.
Do you offer credit?
No, we don't offer credit, because delays in payments cause delays in us ordering new inventory or creating new content, which in turn, is not good for you and for us.
??How quickly do you dispatch?
We're pretty quick! Orders usually go out within 24-48 hours, and you can expect to receive your order in 1-2 working days in you're in the UK or 5-7 working days if you're outside the UK.
We're outside the UK. Who pays customs duties and taxes?
You will need to familiarise yourself with your country's import duties and taxes. Your order with us does not include such expenses, so you will need to make a provision for this.
How do I make payment?
We'll give you details of the options after receiving your order. But just so you know, we take card, bank transfers and PayPal.
What are the next steps?
Click on the order button below, complete the order form and send it back to us. We'll prepare a draft order for your approval. That's it!

STEP 3: Place Your Order

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