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Corrections to the Current Print of Juz Amma by Learning Roots

While we strive for the highest standards in our work, it can never can be completely free from human error. We are especially regretful when these errors occur in our works related to the Noble Quran. Due to the Quran’s great importance, we have listed all known issues that require corrections in the printing of our works related to the Quran.


This page lists the known print corrections that apply to the current print of Juz Amma by Learning Roots.


These corrections apply only to the printed text. They do not affect Kiitab’s audio pronunciation of the text.


These corrections will be resolved in the next print of the Juz Amma book by Learning Roots in-sha-Allah.


If you are in possession of the current version of Juz Amma, we request that you please mark your copy of the book with the corrections listed below.


1. Where to look...

This print mistake is on Page 9 which covers Surah Al-Burooj. Go down to the beginning of the 6th line of the Surah as shown in the image below.

2. The Print Mistake

There is an an extra letter wow with a fatha (وَ) before the word al-mu'mineen (المؤمنين).

3. The Correction

Remove the wow with a fatha (وَ) before the word al-mu'mineen (المؤمنين ).

Your Feedback is Always Welcome

If you believe you have spotted an error that needs correction in this book or in any of our other publications, we welcome your feedback. You can contact us here.