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Say Hello to Kiitab!

The pen that teaches, translates and entertains!

Kiitab is your companion in learning the Quran, duas and the essentials of Islam.This clever pen that reads out words and plays games.

The pen that teaches, translated and entertains!

Kiitab brings these products to life...

Kiitab works with these products...

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Getting Started With Kiitab

Watch these videos to get the best out of your Kiitab


Power On & Off, Volume and Headphones


Updating for New Products

Want to Update Your Kiitab?

Get your Kiitab working on the latest compatible Learning Roots products.

Get the latest product files here.

First check to see if your Kiitab works when used with your Kiitab-compatible product. If not, you may need to add the content file for the product onto your Kiitab device. Watch this video and follow the instructions to get started.

Juz Amma


Remind Me


What to Say When...


Read & Rise

This file is already supplied with your Kiitab device and is not required for download.

Here's How to Update the Content on Your Kiitab

First, check to see if your Kiitab works on the products you'd like to use. The device will only work on the Kiitab compatible products shown above. It will not work on all products.


If your Kiitab does not work on a Kiitab compatible product, you will need to add the product file to your device. Here's how to do that:


1. Click on the relevant product above to download the file on a desktop or laptop computer.

2. Connect your Kiitab device to your computer with the same USB cable used for battery charging. Then turn the Kiitab on.

3. You should see a disk folder appear on either your desktop or on your 'My Computer' window if you're on a PC.

4. Open the disk folder. You will see two folders there: <CONTENTS>, <VER>.

5. The <CONTENTS> folder has the contents of Kiitab. Drag the new files you have downloaded for Juz Amma and Remind Me into the <CONTENTS> folder.

6. Once they have fully uploaded, disconnect Kiitab and power on. Kiitab should now work on your new products.

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Your Kiitab comes with 12 month guarantee from the date of purchase.

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