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Get Your Child Excited
This Ramadan

Get Your Child Excited
This Ramadan

The smart parent’s way to a productive Ramadan with the children.

Designed from scratch to get your child to experience the beauty, blessings, and joy of this great month.

Ramadan Kids Books -
Raised to Whole New Level

We’ve designed these books from the ground up, with one thought in mind: Inspire Muslim children to love Islam by showcasing Ramadan to them at a mainstream standard, never seen before.

The way you feel it.

Ramadan is not just a bunch of do’s and don’ts. That’s why we’ve contextualised the activities to your child’s everyday environment so they appreciate the practical impact and beauty of their good deeds.

200+ Stickers ★ Decor ★ Eid Cards ★ Recipes ★ Prayer Posters ★ Moon-Date Finder ★ Dua Banners

Design Stuff.
Make stuff.
Use Stuff.

This is a practical activity book packed with cut-out games, posters, banners productivity calendars, greeting cards and even a moon date-finder! We told you it was going to be super-fun!

Soften their Hearts.
Sharpen their Minds.

The activities included in these books hone core skills so your child exercises a range of actions that nurture them holistically, ranging from spiritual, mental and creative development.

80+ Activities ★ Quran Learning ★ Prayer Mazes ★ Ramadan Puzzles ★ Spot the Difference ★ Problem-Solving ★ Arabic Words

Big Kids.
Little Kids.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to kids activities. That why we’ve made two different versions of the books and even within each book, the activities are varied so every child has space to work at their level and stretch beyond.

Bucket Loads of
Faith-Filled Fun

We’ve infused learning about Ramadan with mazes, puzzles, stories, recipes, spot the difference, and not to mention hundreds of stickers! Have fun :)

Take a look inside...

Here's a sample of some of the inner pages of the books.

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Read & Rise - Learning Roots

Little Kids Version (Ages 5+)

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My Prophet Muhammad - Learning Roots

Big Kids Version (Ages 8+)

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Arabic Letters Activity Book - Learning Roots

Little Kids & Big Kids Bundle

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See how easily you can get your child interested in Islam this Ramadan.

Every sincere parent wishes to raise their children in a way that connects them Allah. Every parent requires tools for that journey. And we've taken it as our duty to design the finest tools for you.

We've poured every ounce of our creative energy into these books.

Slide to learn about how much we've invested into making your child happy this Ramadan:

2034+ Hours

And plenty of sleepless nights!

1047+ Illustrations

And that's not including all the ones that didn't meet the cut!

452+ Stickers

That's hours of fun for your child and hours of freedom for you!

54 Cut-Outs

Not to mention some the lovely pull-out productivity calendars we've also included!

Trust us on this one...

We're a company dedicated helping you raise a great Muslim child...

¼ Million+ Products Sold

We're a household name among countless homes across the globe.

Established Since 2004

We've been around for a while.

153,214+ Happy Customers

From all around the world.

I am a big fan of Learning Roots and these book just showcase the quality and uniqueness in their products.

S. Sheikh (London)

I just wish we had these books when I was a child!

S. Iqbal (Woodford, UK)

You can tell a lot of work has gone into this project. It really speaks to my child.

S. Moosa (London)

Your Questions Answered

How Much is Delivery To My Country?

We deliver worldwide. Delivery is free on order above a certain amount. For more details, please click here.

What Ages Are the Books Suitable For?

The Little Kids book is suitable for children aged 5-7.

The Big Kids book is suitable for children aged 8-11.

An easier way to make a decision is to ask: can your child read and write independently? If yes, get the Big Kids book. If not, then get the Little Kids book.

Can I get a bulk order discount?

If you're ordering at least 20 books of one kind, we offer bulk order discounts to schools, madrasah and clubs. Please contact support@learningroots.com for more details.

Make this a Ramadan to Remember for your children.

Show them the beauty, blessings and brilliance of this month.

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