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Empowering the Teachers of our children

As a teacher or headteacher of an evening madrasah, a weekend school or a full-time Islamic school, you've embraced the noble and prophetic duty of educating and nurturing the future generation of Muslim children. We'd love to empower you with tools that will make your role easier, more effective and enjoyable. 


You know that old-school methods simply don't work anymore. The old way of teaching at madrasah may have served a purpose in the past, but if we want to raise a generation of faithful, well-mannered and high-aspiring Muslim children, something has to change.


If our children are going to grow up loving, learning and living Islam, then we have to re-think the way this beautiful way of life is presented to them.

The resources that we make have a heavy dose of creativity, concept, and quality baked into them - gifting you with the tools that will help transform the lives of the children you teach.

Because our children deserve only the best

It's our duty to ensure the legacy of Islam continues strong into the future.

You're at the forefront of that noble effort. And we're there besides you, supporting you every step of the way.

Let's raise a great generation together

As part of our commitment to raising great Muslim children, we have a discount structure in place for madrasahs, weekend schools and full-time Islamic schools. To learn more, click the button below to register your school details and we'll send you the details.