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We’ve been hearing great things about how Kiitab has helped parents like yourself accelerate their child’s Qaida process in ways they never thought possible.

We know Kiitab gets results and we would love your help in sharing your experience with other parents so that together we can make the Quran learning process better for all our children.

That’s why we’d love it if you could record a video review while answering some questions about Kiitab.

Send your videos in before the deadline:


So if you’re up for it, here's what you need to do to shoot the perfect video review:

It’s All About You

The review must be done by you, the parent, teacher or guardian of the child. Your children can also feature in the video, but the main subject should be yourself.

Show Your Face

You must show your face in the video. We understand that not everyone will feel comfortable with that, so if you’re camera-shy or don’t feel good with that idea, that is totally fine. This review request may not suit everyone.

Keep it Landscape

Keep the phone landscape rather than portrait. Also see the image here for the correct zoom level on the camera. Move the camera closer or further away from the subject rather than using the zoom feature on the camera.

Quiet Please!

The room or setting should be quiet with no background noise. The sound recording on smart phones works better the closer you are to your phone.

Show Kiitab

The video must show Kiitab and the Read & Rise book at some point in the video. You don’t have to show Kiitab throughout the whole video. It’s enough to simply have Kiitab held in your hand. You don’t need to demo the product.

Keep the Lights On

Smart phone videos work best with lots of light. So please make sure the video is shot during the day with plenty of sunlight or with all of your room lights switched on. Please make sure the main light source is in front of you and not behind you.

Keep It Natural

Most important of all, just relax and keep the review natural. That includes the background too: natural home settings are fine.

Here’s what to answer...

Quick Intro

  • What’s your name?
  • Where are you from?
  • What are your aims and dreams for your child's relationship with the Quran?

What was life like before Kiitab?

  • What were the frustrations, pain points of your child’s Qaida journey before Kiitab?
  • How did feel at this point? (Be specific here, giving time spent on Qaida before Kiitab).
  • What hesitations/doubts did you have about Kiitab before/when buying it?

What is life like after Kiitab?

  • What have you loved most about using Kiitab?
  • What results have you achieved with kiitab? (Again, please be specific here).
  • How do you feel now that you’ve achieved these results with Kiitab?
  • How do your child feel now that you’ve achieved these results with Kiitab?
  • Anything else you’d like to add.

Once you're done, email the files to us or contact us for support.

If your file is too big or if you're having trouble sending the file, please contact us at and we'll find a solution in-sha-Allah.

Please note that sending your video will NOT automatically qualify for the FREE products. Your video will need to be selected for use in our marketing. We'll aim to inform you within 7 days if your entry has qualified.