What to Say When Correction

Corrections to the Print (2023-2024) of What to Say When by Learning Roots

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This page lists the known audio corrections that apply to the print of What to Say When by Learning Roots.

If you are in possession of the version of What to Say When (sold on our website between 2023-2024), we request that you please download the file below for the correct Kiitab’s audio.

Some of the audio files for the "What to Say When" cards are mixed up.

To fix this:
1. Delete the old What to Say When files on your Kiitab.
2. Replace them with the new ones listed below. Please follow the "6 Steps to Update Your Kiitab" for guidance.


6 steps to update your Kiitab


Click on the What to Say When to download the file on a desktop or laptop computer.


Connect your Kiitab device to your computer with the same USB cable used for battery charging. Then turn the Kiitab on.


You should see a disk folder appear on either your desktop or on your 'My Computer' window if you're on a PC.


Open the disk folder. You will see two folders there: <CONTENTS>, <VER>.
The <CONTENTS> folder has the contents of Kiitab. 


Kindly delete first what’s inside the Kiitab. Drag the new files you have downloaded for What to Say When into the <CONTENTS> folder.


Once they have fully uploaded, disconnect Kiitab and power on. Kiitab should now work on your new products.