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Hajj Activity Pack (Digital Download)

Get your child excited about Hajj with the Learning Roots Digital Hajj Activity Pack.

This fun-filled resource is packed with games, puzzles, mazes, teasers, things to spot, colour, draw and so much more! Themed around all the major topics of Hajj, your child will have a full understanding of the blessed season, learning with so much fun and excitement! 

The Hajj Activity Pack is suitable for children aged 6-9 and contains over 40 stimulating activities, some of which will last the whole season. The topics covered in the activity pack include:

  • The virtues of Dhil-Hijjah
  • Ihram
  • Travelling for Hajj
  • Tawaf
  • Sa'ee
  • Mina
  • Arafah
  • Muzdalifah
  • Jamaraat
  • Eid and much more!

The Hajj Kids Activity Pack is a DIGITAL pack only, and NOT a physical book. You will receive a digital document to download and print yourself. This item is NON-REFUNDABLE. You have a licence to use the pack for one household only (up to five children). If you wish to use the pack for a group of children such as a Madrasah class or club, please purchase one pack for every five children. 

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