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Read & Rise Full Set

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Mastering the Qaida. Reinvented.

  • Are you simply tired of your child's slow progress with their Qaida?

  • Is your child about to start the Qaida, and you're looking to make that experience as enjoyable as possible?

  • Are you thinking: "Surely, there must be a better way to teach the Qaida?"

Well, you're right. There is a better way. It's called Read & Rise.

It's a way that simply gets results, is super fun to use and leads to firm and fluent recitors of the Noble Quran.

Here's what makes this approach different:

  • It uses advanced technology to allow your child to learn and revise their lessons independently at home, cutting down on lost progress.

  • It makes lessons short, fun and progress driven so your child can get ahead instantly.

  • It uses best practice gathered over a decade-long period of trials and teaching to filter only those methods that work in teaching the Qaida.

  • It pronounces words with crystal clarity so your child can repeat after them accurately

  • It provides activities and games your child can engage with, getting them excited about the learning journey.

  • It provides clarity about your child's progress and offers a time frame for you to set a completion date for your child's Qaida learning journey.   

The Read & Rise Set empowers you with the full set of training, tools and resources you'll need to completely transform your child's Quran learning journey into a joyful experience that will associate happy memories with the Noble Quran for life. 

The Read & Rise Full Set includes:

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This full set has been specially curated and designed to give you everything you need to ensure your chld reaches the ability to recite the Noble Quran with full accuracy and fluency in shortest and most fun time possible.

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