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Quran Mark

***Please note that the engraving offer has now expired and will not be available again this Ramadan.***
The Quran Mark is an elegant, metallic Quran bookmark, available in both silver and gold finish, fit for the regular reciter that we all aspire to be. It makes for a delightful and enduring gift with its elegant and sturdy spine which flows into a circular crest that cradles the world renowned ‘Al-Quran Al-Kareem’ (The Noble Quran) symbol in stylish naskh Arabic calligraphy.  
Measuring 14cm tall, and nestled in an opulent box, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face each time you recite the Noble Quran. 
Need help deciding between the Quran Mark and the Quran Pin?
The difference between the Quran Mark and the Quran Pin is in the spine. The Quran Mark’s spine has an elegant shape and maintains a consistent sturdy build throughout which gives it a stunning feel and finish. The spine narrows in thickness from the top, making it kind to your Quran pages. 
The Quran Pin has an ultra thin spine, far thinner than the Quran Mark, making it extremely well suited to highly frequent use. So essentially, if you’re looking for an elegant gift, we’d recommend the Quran Mark, and if you’re looking for a bookmark that will be ultra-kind to your pages, we’d recommend the Quran Pin.  

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